What's happening at Panda? Here's our current rundown.

Qu'est-ce qui se passe à Panda? Voici notre récapitulatif actuel.

Exciting developments have been stirring at Panda Headquarters. Panda Sunglasses was recently featured in influential media, such as Entrepreneur magazine's Jeune entrepreneur, Washington Post et dans Le Huffington Post. We're hoping that this can further spread the message of Panda and the good that we're trying to accomplish.
Even Athletes are starting to rock Pandas. Pablo Sandovol (AKA Kung Fu Panda and Pro Baseball player for the San Francisco Giants) wears his Panda shades when he's not stepping up to home plate.
If you're curious about which pair will fit you the best, stay tuned! Our graphic designer is currently working on a Panda Fit Guide to help you find the Panda of your dreams.
The best news of all? Through our partnership with TOMA, over 2,000 prescription glasses will be given due to your contributions (and this number is growing daily)!
Give the gift of vision. Wear Panda. Be visionary.
* Initialement publié 2012