Profil de panda: Ecoistas

Profil de panda: Ecoistas

Ecoistas: Deux femmes portant des lunettes de soleil de marque en bambou

Des noms):
Aja Dang et Laura Varney
Emplacement :
Los Angeles, CA
Qu'est-ce que Eco-istas?
Eco-istas is an environmental lifestyle website that shares eco-friendly tips and promotes an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. We cover beauty, travel, fashion, decor, food and fitness.
Pourquoi portes-tu Panda?
We wear Panda because the glasses are fashionable, light and comfortable, sustainable and it's always great to support a company that strives to do better. And let's be honest, living in SoCal, there's no better accessory than a hot pair of sunglasses.
Quel est votre panda de choix?

Aja: Martin en noir. Ce sont mes lunettes Kanye West.

Laura: I wear the Monroe and Kennedy - both natural stain. I also like the brown stain as well. It depends on my mood!

Décrivez les lunettes de soleil Panda en un mot:

Aja: Divalicious

Laura: Insouciant

If I could travel anywhere, I wish I could rock my Panda Sunglasses in this city:

Aja: Back home in Hawaii. It's always sunny so I'd get to rock my Panda's every day of the week!

Laura: Quelque part à Bali, sur un éléphant.

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